Do Women Need to Get More Sleep than Men Do?

Women may need to get more sleep than men do according to some new research.

This study was done in the U.K and looked at women and their sleep patterns. We look at this study below.

Women, Their Brains, and Lack of Sleep

When we multitask, this can be emotionally as well as mentally draining. This may also indicate that women need more sleep then men. At the Loughborough University U.K Sleep Research Center, they did research which showed that women tend to use their brains more than men and need more sleep as a result. The New York Post interviewed U.K. Sleep Research Center director, Jim Horne, who gives an explanation into this subject.

“Women have brains which are wired differently than men. They need to get more sleep as they are more likely to be multi-tasking. They do a lot of things at once and will use more of their brain than a man will,” according to Horne.  “When you get less sleep, your “higher executive function,” can be impaired. This is the portion of your brain which controls decision making and intellect. Our behavior as well as emotions are also managed in this area of the brain. Despite many studies on loss of sleep, these specific aspects of sleepiness are not very well understood,” says Horne. He indicates that they have been studying this topic for over 10 years.

The study also notes that too much computer time, shift work, or trying to do too much in one day as well as other factors, can impact how well we sleep. When we are always on the go, it can impact out natural sleep cycle. The study also indicated that poor sleep can cause hostility, irritability, depression, and distress, in women. In men that suffered from poor sleep, these sorts of symptoms weren’t as intense.

Women and the Amount of Sleep They Need

Women have a more complicated brain function when compared to men, but only require around twenty or so extra minutes of sleep. Women should get a little more rest because not only will they feel better, they will have improved brain function and better mood. This data indicates that more sleep is essential for women to feel their best.



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